How to Use Traeger in Cold Weather

A Traeger frill is an effective way to grill food and is mostly preferred to gas grills. Many people love to do outdoor BBQ’s on a family picnic as it is a very enjoyable experience. However, grilling food on a Traeger could be difficult in the winter when the temperature is very low. There is heavy wind usually which makes it extremely difficult for you to cook food. There are ways to still get the cooking right in these situations also. You must place the Traeger in a covered position where wind resistance is minimal.


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    Place the Traeger in a protected area

    If the weather is cold, you need to make sure that the Traeger is safe from any direct wind or snow. You should place the Traeger in a covered but open area so that the cooking can be done without facing any obstacles. The best way to determine the best place is by using an outdoor thermometer for this purpose.

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    Preheat the Traeger

    You need to preheat the grill before you start cooking food on it. First of all, turn the grill on and set the dial on the smoke mode. When the smoke emerges for a good two or three minutes and you see that the grill has turned on, close the door and let the grill heat up. You must give the grill at least 20 minutes so that it heats up before you add any food to it.

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    Place food inside

    When the grill has reached the desired temperature, carefully place the food inside and close the door. The cooking depends on the temperature outside. If it is freezing cold outside, you must expect the food to take additional time to be cooked. It is good to check on the food every 15 minutes to make sure it does not burn.

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    Cook the food

    You must give the food some time to cook. Opening the grill door every now and then to check whether the food is done may take further time. When you think that the food has reached the desired colour, remove it from the grill.

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    Turn off the Traeger after it cools down

    Once the food is done, turn the Traeger off and let it cool down before placing it back to its original position.

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