How to Replace Snap-On Tools

Founded in 1920, Snap-On incorporated produces tools and kits for professionals and has several hand and power tools available. While Snap-On tools are generally very reliable, the company is very helpful when it comes to after purchase service and replacement of faulty tools. If you have any Snap-On tools which don’t work like they are supposed to, you can follow the steps below to get them replaced.


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    If you have recently purchased a tool or a kit from Snap-On’s website, which needs replacement, you should send it back within the first 30 days of purchase. This gives you maximum coverage and you can choose to either get your tools replaced or receive a full refund for them. If you received the wrong tools or if they were faulty, you can also seek a refund for the shipping charges you incur when you send the tools back for replacement or a complete refund.

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    You will need to request an RGA ‘Return Goods Authorization’ form from Snap-On Tools. You can do this by calling their E-business at (877) 762-7664. If you have any queries you can also seek guidance from their representative. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail at and request the RGA form.

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    Once you receive the RGA form, fill it out properly and follow the instructions that accompany it for shipping your tools back to Snap-On. Prepaid insurance is a requirement and you can send your tools to Snap-On by UPS or parcel.

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    Depending on when Snap-On receive your shipment, it usually takes one day to process the RGA and 7 business days for the replacements to be shipped back to you.

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    If you purchased your tools from a local store, you will need to contact the store and return your tools there. The store will then carry out the shipping and replacement process on your behalf. When you do contact the store, it is prudent to discuss any charges you will incur during the process.

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