How to Take Care of a Vintage Guitar

Maintaining a vintage guitar’s polished look is not easy. Even if you are a good guitar player, you wouldn’t know how to keep a vintage guitar in a perfect condition. You need to be particular about certain things, like the neck of the guitar remains steady, the fret board remains smooth and the strings don’t get rusted. Moreover, if your vintage guitar is an acoustic type, you must keep a close check on the tuners. Since they are the ones which are used the most, there is always a high possibility that they might break.


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    First, always take care of the guitar’s body. Many believe that strings are the most vital part of the guitar, but actually it’s the body. You can always buy new strings for your guitar, but the body is the main thing. Make sure that you don’t put a lot of scratches on it. To do that, you must purchase a case in which you can place your guitar safely. A guitar cover made out of cloth is useful as well, but a case always works better. The reason is that it has a velvet cloth on the inner side, which doesn’t allow your guitar to catch a single scratch while it is not being used.

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    The fret board needs to remain smooth. Once a month you must take off all the strings from your guitar and use guitar polish to give your fret board the perfect shine. Many guitarists neglect this tip, but it is extremely useful if you want to take good care of your vintage guitar.

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    Always try to take good care of your strings as well. Even though you can purchase a new set of strings every now and then, the original ones are always the best. Whenever you take them off in order to polish the fret board, always grab a tissue paper, soak it in water and rub it over your strings. Some people have this misconception that this might ruin their strings, but in reality this actually helps improve the sound.

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    Lastly, the tuners must be oiled every once in a while. There are several guitarists who twist and turn their tuners all day and eventually break them because they become stiff. Vintage guitars must be kept in good shape and in order to do that, you must oil your tuners so they don’t end up breaking.

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