How to Do a Snare Drum Roll

Knowing how to snare drum roll is extremely important for every drummer. One of the most important forms of snare drum rolls is closed, which is played by applying slightly more pressure to the fulcrum upon impact. This is precisely the reason why the stick bounces multiple times on the drum head.

However, snare drums are also available in open rolls, which are also called double stroke rolls as they alternate between the right and the left hands. Each stick strikes the roll twice per stroke in a double stroke roll. Initially, you would have to work extremely hard to master the art of doing a snare drum roll; however, as you practice harder, it will become very easy for you with the passage of time.

Things required:

– Drum
– Sticks


  • 1


    Keep in mind that each stick needs to bounce off the drum twice in a double stroke roll. Therefore, before you try the roll, you must practice to bounce the sticks twice with each hand.

  • 2


    In order to be efficiently able to control the bounce, you should push down with your hand after the first bounce, and then after the second one, you should release the pressure.

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    To see what produces the best sound and effect, you can experiment with various methods of applying pressure. Keep in mind that speed is of extreme importance in snare drum roll and experimentation will allow you to understand which technique suits you the most. It must be remembered that bounce will be faster if you press the stick down harder.

  • 4

    Practice bouncing sticks in succession

    Having developed harmony between both your hands while bouncing the sticks, the next step for you is to practice bouncing sticks in succession which would create the roll.

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