How to Set Up Surround Sound Speakers

These days, the use of high tech home theatre surround sound speakers has become very common as they are not only cost effective but provide a life like sound environment by relying upon multiple speakers. It is important to make sure the system is set up properly to ensure good quality sound. Follow some simple instructions to set up surround sound speakers for optimising your entertainment or living room.

Things Required:

– Speakers
– Sound system
– Subwoofer
– Television
– DVD player


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    For the best sound quality, it is important to place the right and left front speakers in a triangle shaped layout from your viewing position. Keep the right and left front speakers at an angle so the sound seems to be coming from the television rather than the speakers.

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    For those who do not have centre channel speakers, they should place the front speakers closer to the TV set for best sound results. Always keep the centre channel speaker close to your TV set. If possible, place it on top or below your television. This will give you a very dynamic and rich sound quality.

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    The subwoofer can be positioned anywhere in the room where there is enough empty space. However, make sure that it is not too far from the front right and left speakers to avoid overlapping sounds. Rear speakers should always be placed right behind or at the sides of your viewing position. Placing them higher than the front speakers will improve the sound quality significantly. It is also recommended to set up the rear speakers in a way that they are facing each other.

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    Once you have placed the speaker where you want them, you should begin the wiring process. Although this can be rather difficult, follow the colour coding connections for help. Remember to take your time so that each connection is properly done. You will want the DVD player and TV to be properly connected to the entire system. Once completed, you can now work on concealing any wires that might be sticking out or showing. Place these wires under the carpet or in the space between the wall and the floor.

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