How to Use the Instyler Rotating Hot Iron Safely

Instyler Rotating Hot Iron may come off as just another hot iron for styling your hair at first look, but it is only after using it that you realise its utility. The rotating hot iron and built-in brush work extremely well to smoothen, straighten and polish your hair. The device removes what is a pre-requisite for traditional hot irons, i.e. combing your hair before straightening it.

It is extremely important to exercise due care while using a hot iron and Instyler Rotating Hot Iron is no exception to this. Few simple tips and precautions will allow you to prevent your skin or hair from getting burnt and damaged.


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    Always make it a point to place down your Instyler Rotating Hot Iron with the flat side resting on the surface instead of the round hot side once you switch it on. Resting it on its round side will not only make it unstable and consequently increase the risk of it toppling over to the side, it will also burn the surface or whatever it is resting on.

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    Always keep the heat setting of Instyler Rotating Hot Iron to low or medium in order to minimise the risk of burning your hair. Turn the heat setting of your iron to high only if you have thick hair.

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    While ironing your hair, separate the section of hair that you are about to use the iron on. Pin up the rest of your hair so that they do not come in contact with the round side of hot side.

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    Do not hold your Instyler Rotating Hot Iron from the round side. Always make sure you hold it by the handle. Holding it from the other side will put you at a strong risk of burning your hand, since there is no safe way to hold the iron from the round side comfortably and without the danger of getting burned.

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    Iron the section of the hair you have separated from the rest of your hair with the hot round iron underneath, while the brush side on top. Do not bring the iron too close to your scalp, as you might end up burning yourself there. Do not let the fact that the round side of the iron is hot slip out of your mind at any instance.

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    While using the Instyler Rotating Hot Iron on your hair, make sure you take no more than five-to-six seconds to pull it through your hair. If you have long hair, take only as long as eight to ten second. Taking too much time to pull the iron through your hair may burn and consequently break your hair.

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