How to Break Up a Bromeliad

Life of a Bromeliad plant is finished after it blooms. However, its growth does not stop. It creates small plants from its roots just like banana plant, and they can be separated from the main plant to let them grow independently to become big plants and bloom. The process of breaking up Bromeliad pups or small plants itself is not difficult but it requires a lot of care. A little negligence or carelessness can damage the pup and its ability to grow as an independent plant is curtailed. So while breaking up a Bromeliad take extra care.


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    Determination of Break-up Time

    It is essential to wait for the right time to separate the pup from its parent Bromeliad plant. Although there is no yardstick to measure the ideal time for the breakup, it is generally recommended that the pup should be allowed to be at least one-third of the parent plant before you break it up.

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    Cutting Stem

    Cutting the stem that connects the pup or small plant with its parent plant is the main step and needs extra care. You should use a sharp knife to cut the pup. In case the knife is not sharper enough to cut the pup safely, sharp it before using it for the purpose.

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    Potting Pup

    After you separate the pup from its parent plant, you can pot it safely. Use an equal quantity of ordinary potting mix and orchard potting mix and blend it properly before potting the Bromeliad pup. Also, water the plant thoroughly after potting it. Do not try to move the pot quickly as it can shake the plant at its root, since you have watered it. If you have to do it anyway, take special care of the plant.

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    Discard Parent Plant

    After you break up the pup from the parent plant, discard it (parent plant). Since Bromeliad plants bloom only once, there is no use of keeping the parent plant. It will never flower again. You should bin it properly, instead of just throwing away, and make use its pot for other plants.

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    Avoid Premature Break-up

    Do not break the pup from Bromeliad parent plant in a premature phase. One sign that shows that the pup is ready to be separated from its parent plant is blooming of the parent plant. Another indication is that the pup itself should be one-third of the parent plant.

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