How to Use a Slag Hammer

Slag hammer, also known as a chipping or a welding hammer is a very useful power tool. Even though using a slag hammer is quite similar to using most power tools, there are a few specifics you will need to take care of. Moreover, as is the case with almost all power tools, you will need to be extra cautious when using a slag hammer because the risk of personal injury is always there.

Things Required:

– Recommended safety equipment
– Bit grease
– Various chisels
– Cleaning cloth


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    Before you even think of using a slag hammer for the first time, be sure to thoroughly read and understand the instructions booklet that is included with the tool. This will help you familiarise yourself with the specifics of your slag hammer and thus prevent the risk of injury or property damage.

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    While using a slag hammer, you will have to protect yourself from debris, dust and caustic chemicals as well if you are using it for concrete demolition. This can be accomplished by wearing appropriate safety equipment such as a pair of heavy duty gloves, a pair of protective goggles and a gas mask.

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    Never use a slag hammer without properly greasing the bit. You can either use the grease that came with the hammer or you can purchase the manufacturer’s recommended grease at a local supply store. Keep in mind that greasing the bit is very important to counter the humongous amount of friction and heat produced while you are using the slag hammer.

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    Depending on the type of job you want to perform with the slag hammer, install an appropriate chisel on the tool. For instance, if you plan to cut wood using the hammer, you would need to install a wood chisel. Moreover, choose the correct chisel size for the job. Removing grout requires the use of a small chisel whereas removing tile requires the use of a large chisel.

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    When you have successfully completed a task at hand, be sure to clean the slag hammer in order to get rid of dust and debris. Use a clean piece of cloth for this purpose. This helps prolong the life of slag hammer's motor.

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