How to Make a Spear Head from Metal

Weapons have started to grow in popularity rather tremendously over the last couple of years. They are now becoming crucial and vital to every household, and just about everyone is looking to invest in a weapon of some sort.

Guns are the most traditional form of weapons that people tend to use, but they can prove to be very noisy and are very hard and unsafe to use.

An alternative to guns is to use silent weapons, such as a bow and arrow, or a spear.

Spears are probably the most basic of weapons, since they contain just two parts. The first part is the spear head which is made out of metal, and the second is the body of the spear, generally made out of wood.

Now the spear head is the more important part of the spear since it will dictate the flight of the spear, and the damage that it will make upon impact


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    Get supplies and plan

    In order to build you spear, you are going to have to get your hands on a fair share of supplies, before you can go about building it.

    These supplies will include the metal that you want to use, the tools that you are going to use to create the spear head and any other items that you need for the finishing of the spearhead, once you have made it.

    You will also need to get a work station where you can go about creating the spear head.

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    Once you have everything that you need to build the spear, you need to go ahead and lay down your blue prints, with which you are going to be making the spear.

    After you have made your plans, you need to start fabricating the spear head out of the metal that you have at your disposal.

    Keep trying to get the right shape, till you actually do get it.

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    Finish and attach

    Once you have fabricated the spearhead and it has taken up the shape that you think is ideal for your spear, you need to go ahead and start to finish things off.

    Begin by checking that there are no cracks in it and that it is in a stable condition. After this is done, sharpen its edges, so that it will pierce through any object that it is thrown at. Then attach it to its body, which could be made out of wood.

    Lastly, to finish things off paint it if you want, to really give it an individuality.

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