How to Use Blue Ember Grills Smoker Box

While grilling is a great way to infuse a fiery taste in food, sometimes merely cooking meat over a propane gas grill just isn’t enough, and the end product often lacks the much sought after smoky taste. For these purposes, smoking the food while grilling it can be a great way to increase the fiery aroma.

Catering particularly to this need, Blue Ember Grills manufacture a line of gas grills that come with an in-built smoker box. Not only can this be used solely for smoking food, it is also a great way to infuse the food with a smoky taste and scent as it grills.

Things Required:

– Blue Ember Grill with built-in smoker box
– Wood chips
– Tank of propane
– Water
– Metal bowl


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    Begin by choosing the sort of wood chips you will use for smoking – the type you choose should depend on the sort of meat you wish to smoke. Heavy and dense meats like beef and pork should be smoked with hickory chips, chicken and wild game are best complemented by mesquite, cedar chips are great for gamey saltwater fish like salmon, while apple wood chips work great for the more delicate types of food, like trout, or vegetables.

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    Once you have chosen the appropriate type of wood chips, fill a metal bowl with water, and pour in roughly two cups of wood chips. Soak them in the water for around an hour before you begin the grilling and smoking process.

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    After the wood chips have had ample time to soak, start preparing the smoker box on the grill. Raise the lid of your Blue Ember grill – the cast-iron smoker box is located underneath the left-hand side of the grill, so lift up and remove the cooking grate on this side to access the smoker box.

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    Drain the wood chips that had been soaking in water – you can do this by lifting handfuls of wood chips out of the water-filled metal bowl, and squeezing them until all the water runs out of them. Once they have all been drained, put the wood chips in the smoker box, and replace the cooking grate of the grill that you removed earlier.

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    Light the grill up, and close the lid, to allow for some pre-heating before the actual cooking. Then, lay the food onto the grill, and let it cook, while the smoke from the wood chips in the smoker box infuses the food with an aromatic scent. Make sure you keep turning the food, to ensure even cooking and to prevent grease flare-ups. You can also keep adding more wood chips to the smoker box, if you are grilling thicker or tougher cuts of meat, that require longer cooking.

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