How to Buy Welding Wire

In the Middle Eastern and European regions, the use of welding technology can be date back to the Iron and Bronze Ages. During the First World War, there a major surge in the use of this technology, primarily for manufacturing weapons. Soon after the First World War came to its end in 1919, a number of improvements and improvisations were made. These changes eventually resulted in better welding technology. Irrespective of the welding skills you possess, you will have to buy welding wire. For this reason, having a reliable source for buying welding wire is very important.


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    There is a wide variety of welding wires available such as .030" Flux Core MIG Welding Wire, .023" Mild Steel MIG Welding Wire, .035" Aluminium Welding Wire, Bronze Welding Wire, Nickel Silver Welding Wire or Solid Carbon Steel Welding Wire. Determine which wire will best suit your needs. Knowing if the wire would is to be used for heavy duty welding or light welding can help determine the type of welding wire you should invest in.

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    Determine the quantity of welding wire. Welding wire is available in numerous spool sizes ranging from 1 to 10 lbs. Keep in mind the amount of welding that you will be doing to choose the best spool size. For instance, if your work involves only light amount of welding, a 1 lb. spool or welding wire should be more than enough. However, if you will be making numerous heavy duty welds, you should invest a 9 or 10 lbs. spool of welding wire.

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    There are number of websites where you can order welding wire such as Welding Depot and Tool King. Research a number of websites; compare their delivery methods and the rate offered by each website. After you have chosen a website, decide which service you will be using for getting the spool of wire delivered to your desired location. UPS Ground, Second Day Air and Next Day Air are some of the delivery options that you can choose from.

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    You may want to buy the welding wire from your local home improvement store. If for some reason you can not visit your local home improvement store in person, search through the store’s online inventory and order welding wire from the website.

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