How to Make a Small Keepsake Box With Drawers

The biggest of advantage of making a keepsake box with drawers is that you can keep it anywhere you want. There are so many small and large keepsake boxes available in the market, but the idea of making it at home is really exciting.

It is a little tricky, but not impossible at all. The major plus of doing it on your own is that you can do experiments while designing the box. Furthermore, you can alter the size of the box according to your need.

Things required:

– 3/4-inch wood
– Table saw
– Nails
– Hammer
– Wood putty
– Wood stain
– Paintbrush
– Door handles


  • 1

    The first step is about designing the box. You need to determine the size of the box as well as the number of drawers that you want to use. Choice of drawers is also very important. Decide which drawer type you are interested in; simple or two-column.

  • 2

    Next comes the cutting part of the box. You need to work both on top and bottom of the box. The sides should also not be ignored. If you are interested in making a two-column drawer, prepare a middle piece to separate the box into two sections.

  • 3

    The middle piece should be placed accurately. You can use butt joints for this. The alignment of the middle piece is extremely important. Otherwise, you box will never be in the right shape.

  • 4

    Now you are supposed to attach the sides to the top and bottom pieces. Use a hammer and steel nails for this. Be very careful at this stage, as you might get your hands hurt. If there are any holes, fill them with putty.

  • 5

    This step is all about cutting wood for the drawer. There are a few things that need to be ensured at this moment. The size of the drawer should be at least quarter inch smaller than the box, so it easily slides in or out.

  • 6

    Now assemble the box. For this, you again need to use nails and hammer. Carefully nail the sides, back, and front and bottom together.

  • 7

    The final step is attaching the drawer handle, so that you can slide it in or out. You just need to insert a couple of screws to make handle a part of the box.

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