How to Base a Swing Set in Wood Chips

Setting up swings for your children to play on is something that every parent tries to do. This is because setting up swings ensures that your children have something to do for a long period of time, which will keep them out of harm’s way for as long as possible.

Generally there is only one drawback with using swings. This is because when using swings children tend to fall off the swing from time to time and this causes them to pick up an injury or two. However, these injuries can easily be avoided, should the landing surface be modified. Now wood chips are generally used to do this, since they make a great landing surface for children.


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    Determine Location

    Before you do anything, you need to figure out just where it is you are going to be placing the swing set. You need to make sure that the area that you select is big enough for the swing, but at the same time, there should be excess room for the set, in case someone swings a little too aggressively on the swing set.

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    Make a Frame

    Wherever you are going to be placing your swing set, you need mark the boundaries. Now build a frame around these marked areas. You can use some basic pieces of lumber and nails to do this, since you are just looking to make a really big rectangle and nothing more at this point in time.

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    Place Frame

    Once the frame has been built, go ahead and place it into position. You might have to use some reinforcements to keep it secure, but feel free to do anything at this point in time, since you want the frame to be as firm as it can be.

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    Place  Swing Set

    After the frame has been put into place, you need to go ahead and put the swing into its position. Just like you did with the frame, go on and secure the swing set.

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    Insert Wood Chips

    With everything now in place, you simply have to go on and fill out the frame that you made with wood chips. You are looking to place at least six inches of wood chips in depth, since they will be there to absorb all the impact if your child falls.

    To ensure if the chips are enough, you can test them out by doing a few practice dives in it.

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