How to Clean a Fabric Office Chair

Fabric is far more comfortable than leather or mesh, and this is the reason why most office chairs are made of fabric. Such seats are easily available in a variety of styles, colours and textures. Fabric seats are no doubt extremely cosy to sit on, but the bad thing about them is that they are prone to getting dirty. Moreover, these chairs are very difficult to clean, as compared to mesh and leather office chairs, and it is often a significant challenge to scrub off any spills and stains. Scrubbing a fabric office chair with a soapy solution could damage its metal parts and might also ruin the colour and texture of the fabric. If your fabric office chair needs cleaning, it is recommended that you look for a dry-cleaning formula or method, rather than soaking it in a soapy solution.

Things Required:

– Vacuum
– Upholstery cleaning foam
– Scrub brush
– All-purpose cleaner


  • 1

    Vacuuming the back of your fabric office chair is a great way to remove any dirt and dust that might be clinging to it. This will remove any caked grime, and ensure that the cleaner penetrates deeply into the fabric. Make sure that you use the brush attachment, as this will ensure that every loose particle of dust is sucked up.

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    Spray the upholstery cleaning foam evenly over the fabric of the chair, making sure that the back and seat of the chair are completely covered with foam. Let this upholstery cleaning foam stay on the chair for the amount of time prescribed by the manufacturer (written on the box).

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    Rub the fabric of the chair gently with a scrubbing brush, focusing on the stains and dirty spots that you noticed before starting the clean up.

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    Once you are done scrubbing the chair, allow it to dry completely. Usually it takes 10 to 15 minutes for a chair to dry completely, but it can vary, depending upon temperature and humidity of the room.

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    Vacuum the back support and seat of the chair again to remove any dirt that was lifted out of the padding by the cleaning foam.

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    Finally, wipe the chair's armrests and legs with a soft, clean cloth that has been dampened with water and a little bit of an all-purpose cleaner. However, avoid using water on the fabric, since it will take a very long time to dry and will also leave a damp smell in the chair.

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