How to fix a Ball Point pen

Using pens is something that is done on a very wide scale, and it is something that is done by just about everyone. It is something that you just have to do, in order to go about your day to day routines.

Using pens is considered to be rather honourable to most specially, after they spend most of their lives using pencils in school.

Now pens come in two types. There are ink pens and then there are ball points. Now ink pens aren’t used by most people since they tend to create a lot of mess and get things to be rather ruined.

However, ball points don’t do this and are used by most. The interesting thing however, is that most ball points tend to jam and stop working every now and then. This tends to cause a lot of problems to the owners, who aren’t sure over just what they need to do.


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    Heat tip

    The first thing you need to do, is to try and heat up the tip of the pen. The most common problem is that pens tend to get a little cold on the tip, and this prevents the ink from flowing through them very freely.

    Now in order to avoid this, you need to try and heat up the tip of the pen. This can be done in a number of ways. However, the most common ways are to either scribble with the pen on a piece of paper, in order to heat it up, or to use a lighter or any flame to heat the tip a little bit.

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    Fix ink placement

    Sometimes, the pen tends to end up with the ink in its tube being misplaced. This caused it to not work properly.

    You can fix this by either taking the tube out and blowing on it for a few seconds, or by vigorously shaking the pen, in order to get the ink to flow and reach the tip of the pen. This will make the pen work more effectively and will result in your working with no problems at all.

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    Fix spring

    The last thing that you need to fix or consider fixing is the spring in your pen. This prevents the pen from working properly and is usually the source of the problems when it comes to faulty ball point pens.

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