How to Brush a Pool Table

Pool, Billiards or Snooker are considered to be among the best indoor games and are commonly played in most parts of the world. In order to play a game of Pool appropriately, there are a number of technicalities which need to be taken care of. The Pool table and its cloth plays a huge role in the performance of a player, which is the reason why the surface of a Pool table is brushed regularly, in order to keep it clean and to prolong the life of the cloth of the table.

Things Required:

– A nylon or horsehair table brush
– A rail brush
– Vacuum cleaner


  • 1

    Purchase a brush

    In order to properly brush your Pool table, you need to purchase a nylon or horsehair table brush and a rail brush. Go for the best quality in order to avoid damaging the cloth of the table.

  • 2

    Always brush from the same side

    You have to take into account a number of factors while brushing a Pool table. One of the most important rules is to always brush the table from the same side. A simple way to remember the side to start brushing is to always brush from the side you break towards the end where you rack the balls.

  • 3

    Exert enough pressure on the brush

    You need to exert just enough pressure on the brush to get rid of dirt, lint, chalk and debris from the table. However, make sure that you do not press the brush too hard as to stretch the felt (cloth of the Pool table). If you will stretch the felt, it will get loose and may expire earlier than expected.

  • 4

    Sweep the debris

    The debris needs to be swept in any one of the pockets. You can now use vacuum to take the debris out of the pocket. Apart from that, you can also vacuum the debris directly off the table after brushing it into a corner.

  • 5

    Use vacuum for lint and fine hair

    Simple brushing may not pick up lint and fine hair from the table; therefore, you would have to use a vacuum cleaner for that purpose. The suction of the vacuum should be lower than normal or you will end up stretching and pulling the felt.

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