How to Label Boxes for Storage

One can need a storage place for a number of reasons. It can be to accommodate extra stuff that you will need later on or simply to get rid of all the clutter that sits around the home. It can also be a situation where you may need more space for a temporary time and have to move some of your useful products to storage.

It’s something we all need to do in some point in time. The main thing to do is to make sure that we know where we have put the things and do so in a proper manner so that we can be able to retrieve them later on when we need them.

Storage management is a major part of merchandising but fortunately you will not need a lot of education in the field and use of some common techniques can suffice.


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    Make a Code

    The first thing to do is to make a code for everything. You can use a variety of ways to do that. Codes can be plainly numeric, alphabetical or alphanumeric. You can also use the name of the category that you are placing the things under and add the count on the boxes. Make sure that the categories are clear and all the objects are in the right categories.

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    Plan Areas

    It is easy to put the boxes in the first spot available but it will give you a massive headache once you are removing them. Make areas for each category and make sure that you put the boxes in the right areas. By designating areas, you will make sure that you can find the particular products in the given area and will not be going through boxes all over and disturbing the whole setting. This will also help in making maximum use of minimum space.

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    Make Inventory List

    This is very important. Make a list of which things have been placed according to box. It’s a bit of extra work and will certainly slow the process down but it will give you the satisfaction later on when you can very easily find out which products are placed in which box. If you have say five boxes of clothing, you can know exactly which box contains your t-shirts and can access that box only instead of going through all five boxes.

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