How to Install a Swing Set on a Sloped Yard

Are you planning on getting a swing set installed in your backyard but do not know how to counter the yard’s slope? Fortunately, only a few modifications and calculations are required for installing a swing set in a sloped yard. For instance, you will need to determine the yard’s slope and then order a customised swing-set. Installing the swing set itself will be easy after that.

Things Required:

– String
– Long pole or rod
– Level
– Quick-set concrete


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    Determine the slope of the yard in which you plan on installing the swing by measuring the distances between base of the slope and the top and the height of the slope. You will need to use a piece of string, a pole taller than the slope, a level and an extra pair of hands for measuring the yard’s slope.

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    Instruct one of your friends to grab one end of the string, walk all the way to the top of the slope and then set the string on the ground, holding it in place. Be sure to unravel enough string length to easily reach the slope’s base. Secure the string to the pole just by looping it - do not tie the string in a knot. Slowly slide the looped string down the pole until a point is reached where the rope is level with the slope’s top. Use a level to confirm this. At this point, mark the string’s location along the pole and mark where the string reaches the pole.

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    Determine the slope’s height by measuring distance from the mark on the pole and the bottom of the pole. The slope’s length can be determined by measuring the length of the string used. Use these values in the formula below to determine the slope of the yard.

    Height/Length x 100 = percent slope

    Fop converting percent slope into degree of slope, take the help of a conversion table.

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    Visit a local custom swing-set builder and inform the builder about the degree of slope. The builder will keep into consideration the yard’s slope while building the swing set and would make all the required additions and modifications that are otherwise not present in a normal swing set.

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    Drill 18-inch deep holes in the ground for securing the swing set’s legs. Sink each leg in the hole and reinforce it with quick-set concrete. Since you are setting the swing on a slope, there is no chance that you can skip this step because of stability related issues.

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