How to Detect Stealth Aircraft

The idea of a stealth aircraft going undetected is an alarming possibility for those in charge of a country’s security. The previous versions of stealth planes were the best of their times but there was little involvement of technology as they heavily relied on specialised thermoplastics and composites to escape detection. Then, with the help of technology, the F-22 Raptor removed most of these deficiencies and minimised its chances of getting caught in radar spectrums, infrared, audio and visibility modes. However, it is still impossible for it to stay undetected, and by using the latest technology and keeping some important points in mind, you can make sure you do your best to detect a stealth aircraft.


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    Use a low frequency radar system

    The first thing that you should do is employ a multistatic low-frequency radar system with numerous receivers and transmitters. Note that you should use multiple receivers and transmitters for this purpose, as this will increase your chances of detecting a plane that is flying in stealth mode. In order to detect a plane, you should also take help from advanced algorithms and attempt to trace FM radio signals, TV signals or mobile signals, if any.

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    Detect the aircraft while it deploys weapons

    If it has become harder for you to detect the aircraft through means of algorithms and signals, then you must try to detect it while it deploys its weapons. In order to deploy its weapons and aim at the target, the aircraft has to use a radar system and this is the most vulnerable time for any aircraft. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you should focus and try to run the detection while it deploys its weapons.

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    Use the heat trail system

    Regardless of the technology that could be used by any aircraft, there is little chance that it can get rid of its heat trials. Thus, it is strongly suggested that you should try to trace its heat system.

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    Use Doppler radar

    If your normal radar is not working properly, then you must use a Doppler radar; this is a high frequency radar and is relatively efficient when it comes to the detection of stealth mode aircrafts.

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    Trace disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field

    You should also try to trace the disturbances that are created by the aircraft in the Earth’s magnetic field.

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