How to Make a Bamboo Bow and Arrow

In ancient times, jungle tribes used to make bows and arrows out of bamboo. Bamboo bows and arrows can be very effective while hunting down an animal. If you are planning a hunting trip, consider making a bamboo bow and some bamboo arrows at home. The task is fairly simple and involves use of very cost effective materials. Also, it does not take too long to make bamboo bows and arrows. Here is what you will need.

Things Required:

– 5 foot bamboo stick
– Several 2.5 foot bamboo sticks
– String
– Fabric
– Feathers
– Glue


  • 1

    Along the 5 foot bamboo stick, mark a point exactly 28 inches in from one of the ends. Do the same for the other end as well. You should end up with two marks separated by 4 inches of bamboo stick. This part of the stick will serve as the bow’s handle and thus needs to be reinforced. Simply cover the handle portion in 4 inches long bamboo sticks. Tightly wrap up the smaller sticks around the 5 foot stick using a piece of fabric.

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    Now you need to string the bow. Accomplish this by cutting notches at both ends of the 5 foot bamboo stick. The piece of string you use must not be more than 4.5 inches in length. This is to create a slight bend in the bow limbs which in turn powers the bow. Shorter the length of the string, more powerful the bow will be. However, if you keep string too short, chances are that the bow will snap.

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    Use 2.5 foot bamboo sticks to make the arrows. Sharpen the tip by carving it and then burned the sharpened tip just lightly in order to make the tip harder. Arrows with hard pointy tip work better while hunting. Alternatively, you can use arrow heads purchased from a hunting supply store.

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    The arrows now need to be fletched; in other words, feathers have to be attached to the rear end of each arrow that you made earlier. Simply cut a feather, real or synthetic, along the central spine. Attach the feathers to the arrow in an upright position using glue. Fetching an arrow ensure that the arrow will travel directly towards the desired target without swaying to heavily mid-air.

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