How to Throw a Boomerang

Throwing a boomerang requires a mixture of techniques and favourable conditions. The arc of throwing, the angle, land slope and the wind direction, all are very important factors. A large number of people are disappointed that their boomerang never comes back. They need to understand that throwing a boomerang needs a lot of practice and is a skill that is learned over time. Giving up after the first practice session is not an option as nobody can be a natural at this skill. Following some basic instructions will help you in quickly mastering this skill.


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    Where to throw:

    Boomerangs need a lot of free area to travel. Select an open wide grassy field which does not have obstructions like lamp-posts or trees. It is hard to locate a lost boomerang in an area with loads of weeds and bushes. Make sure that you have at least sixty yards of clear area. Ask spectators like friends to stay away as the boomerang can hit them and cause injury because once it is out of your hands, it goes out of control. The boomerang has to take a curve and return back to you.

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    Weather conditions:

    Ideal weather conditions for boomerang throwing include a little breeze as it helps move it smoothly. Rain and snow will not have any effect on the movement of your boomerang. However, it can naturally affect the physical aspects of the boomerang. If a boomerang is lost in the snow, it is very hard to find because it cuts through snow layers and disappears. Therefore, it is better to avoid throwing a boomerang in snow unless you have a large stock and you do not mind losing some of them. The boomerang can be thrown from either of its arms.

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    The most basic thing to know about a boomerang is that it is always thrown overhand and not side arm. Treat the boomerang like a baseball. Place the boomerang between your thumb and forefinger. Now snap your wrist and spin the boomerang. A spin is very necessary to give the boomerang the right start and make sure that it returns back to you. To catch the boomerang, wait for it to reach your shoulder level and then clap both your hands around it abruptly, bringing it to a stop.

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