How to Play an Enitre Song on a Bossa Nova Guitar

The question that might come to everyone’s mind is the fact that what exactly is a Bossa Nova guitar? Well, this type of a guitar consists of nylon strings. You are supposed to play it with your fingers, and not use a plastic pick, like you use mostly use whenever you are playing any other guitar. Therefore, the technique is hard to master and it is definitely not as easy to play as a normal acoustic guitar. You finger picking should be impeccable and you can only play it perfectly once you learn the actual traits of this guitar which will only come through practice.


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    For starters, learning the Bossa Nova guitar is extremely important. You might think that it is the same as playing any other guitar. However, that is not the case. You must learn this type of guitar through tutors, practice or online courses. It seems easy at first, but the finger picking bit always tests the players a lot. Therefore, always try to practice as much as you can.

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    Secondly, you need to learn the art of finger picking. While many believe that finger picking is extremely easy, it is not. You must master this art through practicing. The nylon stringed guitar does not sound the same when it is being played through a pick. Therefore, you should always use your fingers to pick the nylon strings in your Bossa Nova guitar as that will change the entire course of the song you are trying to play.

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    After you are done with understanding your instrument and mastering the way to play it, it is time for you to learn the chords. Your picking hand is ready to start strumming, but your chord-playing hand needs a bit of practice as well. You must learn all the chords, all the notes and all the transitions which will be required in order to play any complete song on the Bossa Nova guitar.

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    Once you are done with learning the chords as well, it is time for you to start playing the guitar as it is meant to be played. Always try to be swift and be as calm as possible. The guitar should be treated like a lady; with extreme care and delicacy. Good guitar players always try to keep a soft hand on their strings so that the guitar is pleasing to the ears of any listener.

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