How to Buy a Patio Umbrella

If your house has a patio and there is a lot of space in the outdoor area, you might be thinking of buying a patio umbrella. Of course, not everyone can enjoy sitting under shade of a tree on the patio, but setting up a patio umbrella is the next best option to shelter you from the sun and heat, while giving you the chance to enjoy sitting in the outdoors.

There are several stores and places where you can buy a patio umbrella, but a wide variety and quality issues can sometimes leave you scratching your head.


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    Determine how much shade you want on your patio. This will help you come up with the right size of the umbrella. If your space is narrow, a large umbrella can cause you a lot of trouble. So choose the right size. Generally, an 11-foot umbrella, which is said to be the largest in size, can nearly cover a 60-inch table with six chairs. When you contact a store or seller, give them the right size of your patio, table and the number of chairs you want to use.

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    You can choose between table and free-standing patio umbrellas. It is up to you which option to go for but both need a stand for support. With a table umbrella, the table already gives enough support, but free-standing ones need bigger and heavier stands to stay upright.

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    Get an umbrella base to give your umbrella more support. Strong gusts can be bad for an umbrella and the table stand is usually not enough to hold the umbrella straight.

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    Try to get the best fabric. Ask the seller multiple questions about the fabric of the umbrella. For instance, the fabric should be UV and weather resistant. Although every umbrella fabric is waterproof, strong winds often cause damage. Go for breathable fabric as they protect you from the sun while keeping the area cool.

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    Read online reviews on different patio umbrellas. There are several websites that sell patio umbrellas and people who buy from them usually write reviews on the product.

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    Search for the product though a website, instead of going to the market. You can get your hands on a wide variety of patio umbrellas. Sites like eBay are a good platform for online buying.

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    Compare prices of a product you have set your sights on. Prices can vary greatly, even for the same product with same size and quality. So, be sure to check with several sellers before you make a final decision.

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