How to Tie a Palomar Knot to a Hook for Fishing

Palomar knots are mostly used to tie a fishing line to a hook. These hooks are then later used as baits so you can capture fish easily. The Palomar knots are considered to be extremely strong and reliable fishing knots, reducing the chances of you losing your hook in the water. You can easily tie this knot with the help of braided lines. The good thing about this knot is that once you have practiced how to tie it, you can even tie it in the dark. The following steps explain how to tie the Palomar knot to your fishing hook.


  • 1

    First, grab a braided line so that you can get the best results. Braided lines are stronger than others and making a Palomar knot is relatively easier if you choose them.

  • 2

    With the braided line in your hand, simply double the whole line so that you can form a loop. Make sure that both the ends touch each other. You are basically folding the line in half.

  • 3

    With the line having one loop, pass it through the eye of the hook. Try to use the open end of the line to pass it through the hook. It’s relatively sharper and you will not have any difficulty in passing the line from that part.

  • 4

    With the line passing through the eye of the hook, double it once again. It means that both the edges should meet once more. In short, you will have two open and one closed end joined together.

  • 5

    Now tie a knot right at the top of the standing line.

  • 6

    Make sure you leave space for the hook, since you need to pass it through.

  • 7

    Now pass the hook through the space in the loop which you left right at the top.

  • 8

    Now pull the hook and make sure that both the ends of the line can get tightened. It means that you will have to grab both the ends of the line and pull them so they are tight.

  • 9

    The loop should be pulled away from the hook in such a way that the rest of the knot is against it. This can be done by pulling the hook towards the other side of the knot.

  • 10

    You must tighten the knot one more time, but for that you must lubricate the line and pull the standing line.

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