How to Choose New Glasses

Choosing a new pair of glasses is not very easy because chances are high that you will be using them for quite a long time in the coming years; therefore, you naturally want the very best in your price range. Even if you just wear glasses while reading, many people you know will see you in glasses at some point. If you are not internally satisfied with the new glasses, you will be self-conscious every time you take the glasses out for reading. Hence, you should not hesitate to take your time and check all aspects while buying new glasses from an optical store.

Things Required:

– Old glasses (for selecting the right size)


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    Decide your price range

    The first thing that you need to decide before buying new glasses is the amount of money you wish to spend on it. Look and style are also crucial factors but budget is the most important thing because once you know the price range, it will help you a great deal in narrowing down options and selecting the perfect glasses. According to experts, anything between $100 to $200 is considered a reasonable price to pay for your glasses.

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    Look at the options

    Visit a local optical shop and have a close look at all the glasses that fit in your price range. It is recommended that you do not go after brands because you can find stylish and high quality frames in off-brand names too. They are also going to cost you a lot less as compared to the designer ones.

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    Try the glasses

    When you try on glasses, you should also take into account some other factors like your physical features and when you plan to wear them. If you are going to be wearing the glasses at work, you should select classic oval, rectangle or almond-shaped frames that come in neutral colors like black, brown or gray. You can be a little creative if you plan to use the glasses on weekends or with friends or family. However, classic eyeglass frames are always a safer bet.

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    Shape of your face

    As mentioned above, you must take into account the shape of your face while choosing the glasses. Thin frames that lengthen the face are considered perfect for rounder faces, whereas wider frames that shorten the face are ideal for longer or rectangular faces.

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