How to Make a Metal Detector

It will be a really fun-filled activity to make your own metal detector at home. Obviously this metal detector will not be as strong as the one used by security personnel but it will serve your entertainment purpose very well. You won’t require any expensive equipment or scientific gadget for making your own metal detector. A few things within your warehouse will be enough to construct a homemade metal detector and it won’t take much time to do so as well.

Things Required:

– Empty CD case
– A spare calculator
– AM Radio
– Velcro pads


  • 1

    Take out the inner plastic cover from a CD case. You only need the outer protective cover for making your metal detector.

  • 2

    Place Velcro pads on the inner side of the CD case. Place the calculator and the AM radio on the Velcro pads and affix them firmly within the CD case.

  • 3

    Tune on the radio close to the high end of the AM band located on it. You need not to tune in a radio station and keep the volume to the maximum to clearly hear the static tune.

  • 4

    Turn on the calculator and move the hinge of the CD case to bring the calculator closer to the radio. You will hear a loud tone when the calculator comes relatively closer to the radio. Keep moving the hinge closer and away from the radio until you get a point where you hear that loud tone.

  • 5

    Now it is time to test your device. Make a 90-degree angle between the radio and the calculator by moving the hinges of the CD case closer. Take your device closer to a metal object and you will hear a loud tone. The closer you take the detector to the metal object, the tone on the radio gets louder and louder.

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