How to Choose a Handgun Scope

Hunting with a handgun can become fairly easy if the handgun is fitted with a scope. This is because the hunter can aim more easily using a scope instead of a typical iron sight. Keeping in mind that there are numerous scope brands and models available, it is imperative for you to choose a scope after thorough consideration. The scope you choose must meet your specific requirements even if it does not have a lot of features. Here are a few things that you should take into consideration before investing in a handgun scope.


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    Available magnification is the first thing you should take into consideration when choosing a handgun scope. A scope with large magnification ability may sound the best choice but in case of a handgun, this is a misconception. This is because handguns have a relatively short range and taking close-range shots becomes nearly impossible if the scope is a set at high magnification level. So make sure that you focus on a scope’s lowest magnification setting before choosing it for your handgun.

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    Prefer a scope with red dot in it. You will be able to aim more accurately and will not face any parallax problems if your handgun is fitted with a scope with red dot. However, you will need a power source such as a 12 volt battery for such scopes and the red dot itself may become the cause of obscuring a relatively small target such as a rabbit.

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    Consider purchasing a scope with water resistant properties. This will greatly increase the durability of the scope and multiple coatings on the scope will help reduce the effect of natural elements such as rain and fog. Moreover, a coated scope can reduce glare to a great extent, making it easier for the hunter to aim and successfully shoot a desired target.

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    Before investing in a handgun scope, you may want to check it for repeatability, the property which enables a scope to retain its original focus when it return to its original position after being moved at a certain angle. Good quality scope should be able to do this every time. However, a low quality scope will require some ‘settling’ before its repeatability reaches the desired level.

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    Make sure that the scope you choose can absorb recoil. It is very difficult for a handgun scope to absorb recoil due to relatively small size of the hand gun.

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