How to Bait a Fish Hook with Live Bait

There are number of ways to catch fish from a pond, canal or a river. One major difference between these methods is the nature of bait being used. Using live bait on a fish hook is one the most widely used method for catching fish just for leisure. The type of fish hook being used is mostly the deciding factor on how the live bait should be attached to the hook. Here is what you may need to bait a fish hook with live bait.

Things Required:

– Fishing hook
– Leeches
– Grub worms
– Minnows
– Insects
– Earth worms


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    If the live bait you are using is a leech, the best wait to attach it on a hook is to feed the pointed part of the hook through the larger sucker disc. In a leech, the larger sucker disc is located at the tail end of the leech. Hooking a leech on a fish hook is easier because of the large size of the tail sucker disc.

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    In case you are using grub worms to lure the fish, you will have to thread entire length of the hook through the grub worm. You may want to use more than one grub worm as bait. If that is the case, pierce each grub worm through the side. You should end up with a row of grub worms.

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    When using minnows as live bait, underneath the minnows’ dorsal fin is where the hook needs to be inserted. You can even hook up a minnow thorough its mouth or tail. It really does not matter where you insert the hook as long as the minnows’ spine remains intact.

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    Insects such as crickets, grasshoppers, cockroaches etc. are to be hooked beneath the collar. The collar in an insect is kind of a hard plate which separates the insect’s head from the torso.

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    Earth worms can also be used to lure fish. Hook up an earth worm by piercing the hook through the worm’s body. To ensure that the worm stays put while the fishing hook is immersed in water, make sure that you thread the worm onto the hook. Fish will be more attracted to the bait if you leave part of earth worm hanging loose, making it easier for you to catch them.

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