How to Make Your own Agility Ladder

For an athlete or a sportsperson, agility describes the ability to respond to a stimulus. One of the best ways to improve agility levels is to practice frequently on an agility ladder. With enough practice, an athlete can run backwards at high speed, dodge players effectively and recover from fumbles in no time. Some people purchase agility ladders from a sporting goods store. However, making your own agility ladder is an easy task and would not take too long.

Things Required:

– Tape measure
– Flexible garden canes
– Duct tape
– Pair of scissors


  • 1

    Building an agility ladder requires the use of duct tape. Choose a patch of relatively dust free land which should be approximately 40 feet in length. Furthermore, there should be enough space for free movement around the ladder.

  • 2

    For a 33-foot long agility ladder, you would need about 28 garden canes. Make sure that the length of each garden cane is 15 inches. Small bamboo or plastic rods can be used as garden canes for this project.

    Garden canes are often stepped upon while the ladder is being used.  It is therefor wise to use rods that would withstand significant bending. Use a tape measure to get the dimensions right.

  • 3

    Lay two 33-foot long strips of duct tape parallel to each other with the sticky side up. The distance between duct tape strips should be 14 inches.

    Make sure that this distance remains constant throughout the length of the duct tape strips.

    Avoid using fibre tape for this project because it less resistive to wear and tear.

  • 4

    Starting placing garden canes at one end of the duct tape strips. Consecutive garden canes should be placed 14 inches apart.

    Make sure that both ends of all the garden canes are resting on the sticky side of the duct tape strips.

    Furthermore, the angle between duct tape strip and the axis of garden cane should be 90 degrees. Once garden canes have been placed all along the length of duct tape strips, inspect them and reposition the out of place garden canes.

  • 5

    Secure the garden canes by laying duct tape strips, sticky side down on the duct tape strips that you had laid earlier. Make sure that the duct tape strips properly stick to each other so that garden canes stay in place.

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