How to Fix a Trumpet Mouthpiece

In case your trumpet mouthpiece is stuck, you do not need to get frustrated. Removing a trumpet mouthpiece is necessary for cleaning purposes or if you want to place the trumpet in its case. You can take the trumpet to a repairing shop of musical instruments for removing the mouthpiece. However, you will not only waste your money but also bear the hassle of going there. The best option is to remove the mouthpiece yourself by following simple steps. By this you will save money along with your valued time.


  • 1

    Placing of the trumpet

    You need to place the trumpet in a way it won’t move. Remember to take caution when placing and place gently. You can sit in a chair in upright position. Place the trumpet across your laps in a way that the mouthpiece piece is positioned towards your mouth. It should face towards the left. In case you are a left-hander, you need to flip the trumpet in a way that mouthpiece will face on the right.

  • 2

    Apply ice cube

    Now you are required to apply ice cube so that the metal will contract when it gets cold. This is to cool the mouthpiece but make sure that the part where mouthpiece sticks is warm. You need to get the ice cube and put it around the cup end of your mouthpiece. It is advisable to place the ice cube for almost a minute on the mouthpiece. Remember to put your hands tightly around the mouthpiece receiver in order to keep it warm. You are required to keep your dowel or the wooden stick near you at this point.

  • 3

    Apply dowel

    After fixing ice cube, use your dowel to dab on the mouthpiece receiver. You can even use a pencil for tapping purposes. Remember to apply first on the part facing upwards and then on the part facing towards the floor.

  • 4

    Apply pressure

    While dabbing, you need to apply pressure on it and turn counter-clockwise. Remember to pull it away from the horn as well.

  • 5

    Mouthpiece will come off

    Now it will come into your hand. You need to stay calm and be patient. In case you apply force, you may end up damaging your instrument. You can use your dowel lightly for this purpose. However, if it fails to come off, you need to go to a repair shop.

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