How to Get a Chainsaw Chain Back On

If you are one of those people who excessively work with wood, a chainsaw would perhaps be one of the handiest tools for you. There are a number of things that can be done using a chainsaw; trimming or cutting wood for instance. As is the case with most machines that use a chain, the chain of a chainsaw can get loose over a period of time and may eventually come out. In such a situation, it becomes imperative to put the chain back on before the chainsaw can be used.

Things Required:

– Chainsaw wrench


  • 1

    Place the chainsaw you are fixing on a flat surface with the machine’s teeth pointed away from you.

  • 2

    Release the bar's tension with a chainsaw wrench and then loosen the cover bolts as well as the tension screw in order to remove the cover.

    After you have removed the cover, carefully place the chainsaw’s chain over the clutch. Then align the chain around the rear sprocket while holding in place the chain over the clutch. This needs to be done near to the chain tension nipple and along the groove of the chainsaw bar.

  • 3

    To ensure that you were successful at putting the chain back on properly, pull the chain a tiny bit and see if it moves freely.

  • 4

    Replace the cover that you had removed earlier and slightly tighten the stud screws back in place. Ensure that the chain is still properly aligned with the sprockets because you are now going to adjust the chain’s tightness.

  • 5

    Insert the chainsaw wrench in the slot on the cover and then rotate the wrench clockwise. The chain will gradually start to tighten whereas the bar would start to move out slowly. Continue until the chain reaches the desired tension.

  • 6

    Completely tighten the stud screws that you had left loose in the first go.

  • 7

    Before you actually use the chainsaw, ensure one more time that the chain is at recommended tension and is properly aligned with the sprockets as well. As before, this can be accomplished by moving the chain forwards in small sections.

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