How to Install an Inline Duct Fan

Many people find it extremely difficult to increase the airflow of their home duct system which can cause problems as the air does not properly circulate. However, you can easily increase the airflow by installing an inline duct fan as it not only helps in increasing the airflow but it assists in speeding up the heating and cooling process. Besides, it also provides great help in circulating the fresh air in damp areas.

Installing an inline duct fan is not very difficult. All you need is a little time and few specialised tools and equipments

Things Required:

– Duct fan
– Ductstat plug-in line voltage thermostat
– Metal tape
– Tin snips
– Drill with small metal bit


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    First, you have to assess the size of your duct system and its type as this will help you make the necessary arrangements for the installation of an inline duct fan. Furthermore, it will help you in buying the necessary materials.

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    Next, determine the place where you want to install the inline duct fan. Make sure it is close to the circuit breaker near a protected power outlet. It will be better for you to install the duct fan around 6 to 8 feet away from the register as it will help you to boost air while keeping the noise low. However, make sure that you can access the duct fan at any time for repair, cleaning or maintenance.

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    After finding the right place to install the duct fan, take the necessary measurements. Then, buy the right duct fan according to these measurements and disconnect your duct system to start the process of installation. Make sure that you unplug the duct system from any possible electrical connections.

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    Now, cut the required space in the duct using tin snips to install the fan. Draw a line in order to indicate the place where you would install the duct fan. Make a hole at the respective place in the line and fit your inline duct fan in it.

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    Take the steel screws and fix the duct fan in the respective place and tighten them with the screw driver. Make sure to properly attach the wires and cover them properly.

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    Cover all the holes with the tape so that no air comes out of the duct system. Read all the instructions carefully before turning on the unit. Also, make the thermostat is properly connected.

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