How to Measure Girth Size for English Saddle

If you do not know the size of your horse then trying to measure the girth for an English saddle can be quite a challenge, mainly because the horse can feel irritated during this process. It is essential for the safety of both the rider and horse that the measurements are taken correctly so that the saddle fits properly.

Things Required:

– Tape Measure or String


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    Make sure that your horse is relaxed and standing somewhere that is completely flat. This will ensure that your horse is comfortable and not shifting around. Ask your assistant to hold on to horse, and keep patting it on the back of the neck, so that it does not get nervous or anxious.

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    Now look for the area where the neck of the horse meets the back and place the measuring tape around this point. Make sure to run the measuring tape all around to the point of the horse’s front elbow. A good way will be to ask your assistant to pull the tape measure all the way around for you. To determine the girth of the horse, you will have to connect the two ends of the tape measure. Make sure that the tape is snug. Pull a little on the tape measure to ensure that you get the proper measurement.

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    If you do not have a tape measure you can easily use a smooth piece of string to get the same measurements.The length of the string can then be measured.

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    Once you get the girth measurement in inches, divide it by two. After doing this, you will have to subtract three from this measurement. This will give you the correct girth size of your horse. Remember that girths come in even numbers so if your measurement is not even, it is important to round up to nearest figure.

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    After obtaining the correct girth size for your horse, you can easily go online or visit a horse supply company to buy a decent English saddle. Make sure that the saddle sits comfortably on the horse and does not cause any soreness or discomfort to the animal. Be sure to recheck the girth size if your horse begins to display any behavioral issues.

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