How to Hold a Saxophone Properly

Saxophone is a musical instrument which you can easily hold. In case you do not hold it properly, you will face problems when learning and playing this instrument. You will encounter problems when you will learn more advanced fingerings if you are not holding the instrument properly. You can learn to properly place your hands easily but learning to play saxophone is where you will face difficulty. Remember that if your saxophone is still in its case, you will first need to assemble it before playing.

Things Required:

– Neck strap
– Saxophone


  • 1

    Place the neck strap

    Get your saxophone and sit down. Place your saxophone in your lap. Then set the neck strap around your neck which came with your saxophone. You need to place it in a way that the clip comes in the centre. In case there is no neck strap with your saxophone, visit your local music shop and buy one. Remember to buy the neck strap according to the type of saxophone you have. You need to get an alto neck strap as a tenor neck strap is very long.

  • 2

    Adjust the neck strap

    Now you need to adjust the neck strap. You are first required to attach hook of the neck strap on the little ring above the thumb rest of your saxophone.

  • 3

    Placement of left hand

    After adjust the neck strap, you have to position your left hand around the top of the saxophone. Remember to place it in a relaxed C position. Next you need to place the first finger on the top. Then place the next two fingers on the keys beneath the top key. Place the thumb beneath the octave key i.e. on the black pad and you need to place your pinkie over the group of four keys.

  • 4

    Placement of right hand

    Next you need to place the right thumb on the backside of the saxophone. It should be placed under the hook. Then you need to relax your fingers and place them around the saxophone. You need to place the first three fingers on the keys in front of them. Place the pinkie over the group of four keys but it should not be on them.

  • 5

    Bring the mouthpiece towards in your mouth

    Now you need to bring the mouthpiece towards your mouth. In case it is low, you should alter the neck strap accordingly.

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