How to Adjust an Air Rifle Scope

People who use telescopic air rifles always know the importance of the telescope or scope that plays a vital role in hitting the target accurately. The scope magnifies the target which helps the shooter to hit the target in an accurate manner without facing any difficulty at all. However, many people who fail to adjust air rifle scope in an accurate manner that affects the accuracy and they fail to hit their target in a desired area. But it is not difficult at all as you can easily learn how to adjust an air rifle scope by reading this article.


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    First of all, you should try to decide whether you want to practice your air rifle shooting indoors or want to use your yard etc. Because wind also plays a vital role while shooting outdoors and you should practice on such day when there is a little or no wind.

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    You need to set up a target by placing a paper against the wall and sit at least 25 yards away from it. Make sure you feel it a little challenging to hit in the middle of the paper.

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    After determining the distance you need to adjust the scope of your air rifle accordingly. It is the most important aspect and many people fail to adjust the scope according to the distance of the target and they fail to hit the target accurately.

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    You should aim at the middle of the paper through your scope reticle, also known as crosshairs, and fire at least three pallets.

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    Then examine whether you have hit your target area or not. If you have missed the target by a huge margin then you have not adjusted your air rifle scope accurately.

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    You should unload the air rifle and place it on a flat surface like table. Now examine the target through scope and try to judge whether it is straight or is slightly dislocated or going slightly in wrong direction.

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    You should turn the turret knob on the scope in order to adjust the elevation and scope windage. It will help you to adjust the scope accurately according to the distance of the target.

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    Now load the rifle again and aim the target and first three to five bullets. You will see that this time the result was much better as compared to your initial round.

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