Top 10 Dangerous Automatic Machine Guns

Development in arms has reached at its peak these days and more deadly weapons are being forged. The invention of machine guns brought an entire revolution in the class of artillery. This fully automatic weapon can be used in a number of different situations and its portability makes it even deadly. A machine gun can fire successive bullets at unbelievably rapid pace. You won’t see any other weapon which can fire hundreds of round in a single minute but machine guns can do it on a terrorising rate.


  • 1

    Ingram Mac 11

    It is a lighter and smaller automatic machine gun, with the most compact defence system and has magazine of 16 rounds, while box magazine can have 32 rounds. It can be very effective within 50m range and possesses the muzzle velocity of 980ft/s.

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  • 2

    Steyr Armee Universal Gewehr

    This monster can launch 750 rounds in a single minute and has an effective range of 300m. Pulling the trigger of Gewehr half way makes it semi-automatic and pulling it the entire way back makes it fully automatic.

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  • 3

    FN Minimi

    Minimi is quite larger in size and gas operated rotating bolts. This machine can fire 1150 rounds in a minute and has an effective shooting range of 1000m. Its muzzle velocity reaches a staggering 925m/s.


  • 4

    FN P90

    It is smaller and easier to carry but as deadly as any other heavy machine gun. The Belgian made P90 can fire 900 rounds in one minute and has a very cool looking transparent magazine with visible bullets.


  • 5


    This long-range machine gun is mostly used by the police and possesses 20 rounds capacity. With a firing range of 400m, FN-FAL can launch 700 rounds per minute. This weapon is used in more than 90 countries all over the world.


  • 6

    FN MAG

    It is also manufactured in Belgium and possess the tendency of firing 1000 bullets in a minute accurately from a range of 800m. If mounted on a tripod, its range can be further increased to 1500m.

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  • 7

    KRISS Vector CRB/SO

    One of the most lethal and sophisticated weapons in the artillery, Vector is among the most expensive guns as well.

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  • 8

    M4 Carbine

    This fatal machine gun can launch muzzle with a velocity of 3000 ft/sec and fires 950 rounds in one minute.

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  • 9


    First built in 1957, M60 belongs to the vintage class of machine guns but can fire 650 bullets in a minute, with muzzle velocity of 853 m/s and reaching 1200m firing range.

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  • 10


    This monstrous weapon fires 2000 bullets per minute and has a firing range of 6000m. It is extremely deadly for enemies and no other automatic machine gun matches its attributes.

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