Building Your Own Wind Generator

If you want to reduce your dependency on fossil fuels and make something cheaper and environmentally friendly, then building a wind generator is the best available option. Many people are looking to the wind as a viable source of energy. In order to harness the power of the wind you will have to build a wind generator. Building your own wind generator will help minimise your electricity bills and increase your savings. A wind generator needs a tower for support as it operates at a particular height so that its blade can rotate and produce energy.

Things Required:

– Plastic – 3 pieces 2×4 feet
– Motor
– Screws
– Battery


  • 1

    Gather items and get wind information

    You should gather all the items that you will need to build a wind generator before starting the process as this will help you in saving time. Note that you will need 3 plastic pieces of 2 by 4 feet in length. Not to mention, these pieces should be rectangular in shape to catch the wind and help rotate the generator. It is very important that you also gather all the information about the wind in your area. You can check online for this information from different weather websites that clearly show the direction and speed of the wind at different times. You will need this information to help you decide the exact height and placement of your wind generator.

  • 2

    Build body of the generator

    You must start building body of the generator. Here, you should combine all the rectangular plastic pieces in such a way that the one end should be attached to a rectangular piece and the other should be attached to the motor that will aid the body in flowing with the wind. Do not forget to cover the motor with a plastic sheet as this will keep it safe from water.

  • 3

    Make the tower for generator

    Making the tower is important to the completion and functioning of your wind generator. It is up to you if you want the height of tower to be long or average. The quality of the material used in building the tower will be dependent on the height of the tower. You must ensure that the quality of material is reasonable enough to withstand a particular height.

  • 4

    Attach the tower with body

    After you have made the tower and passed the wires through it, it is important that you should attach the body with the tower. Here, you will be required to drill holes on the top of the tower so that the wire connections can be passed from the tower to the body.

  • 5

    Attach battery

    Now, you must attach wires to the battery and test to see if the generator is running properly.

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