How to Build a Good Campfire

The smell of dry wood burning and the blazing flames of a campfire is characteristic of an adventure trip. It can also prove to be crucial to survival when the weather turns cold and the need for warmth and cooking food kicks in.

Therefore, the skill to build the perfect campfire is essential, especially for backpackers. However, the perfect scene of campers huddled around a roaring camp fire, singing songs and enjoying a hot mug of coffee does not come that easily. When learning how to build a great campfire, it is important to know the very basics first.

Things Required:

– Tinder or newspaper
– Kindling
– Large branches and Logs
– Matches
– Water container


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    Gather the fire wood. Look for tinder as this helps in starting the fire as it is very light and catches easily. The tinder could be dry grass, leaves and bark. If you do not find any tinder, an old newspaper can also do the job. Once the tinder is collected, look for some kindling. These are small twigs and branches which are more substantial than the tinder but lighter than large logs. These will strengthen the tinder fire and keep it going. Finally, get some fuel wood which consists of thick branches and logs. This is the wood type which keeps the fire going for long. Collect wood that is dry. To distinguish dry wood, bend it. If it snaps in two then it is dry. It is good to collect more wood than you think you will need to be on the safe side.

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    Clear the area where you want to build the fire. It is important to prepare the fire bed carefully to avoid a wildfire which can get out of control and cause massive damage. The site that you choose should be away from trees and bushes which can catch fire. If there is no such site. Dig the area to clear it off vegetation and prepare a bare point for the fire.

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    Organise your wood in the designated area in layers. Start with the tinder. Place the kindling over the tinder. Finally, grab the large branches. The layers should form a teepee shape with an opening on the side where the wind is blowing. Place a match on the tinder. The tinder will light up and the fire will pass on to the kindling and finally the fuel wood. It is important to keep replenishing the wood stock from time to time to make sure the fire does not go out and keeps providing some warmth.

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