How to Fit Ice Skates Properly

Shoes that you wear everyday are different than ice skates in a number of different ways. Choosing the best fitting ice skates may mean the difference between skating efficiently and miserably failing to do so. You can either order a pair of custom made ice skates in which case you will need to take a few accurate measurements or you can visit a local ice skating equipment retailer and choose the best fit after due consideration and experimentation.

Things Required:

– Ice Skates
– Tape measure
– Pen


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    Fitting custom made ice skates

    Sit in a comfortable position and use a pen to outline both your feet. Be sure to keep the pen as close to your feet as possible while tracing.

    Use a tape measure to determine the length of your foot. You would need to measure that distance between the extreme rear point of your heel and the tip of your longest toe.

    Place the tape measure at a point slightly above the base of your toes and then proceed to your foot’s ball and note down the distance.

    In order to measure your instep, wrap the tape measure around your foot’s underside at the point where your arch is located.

    Properly fit the tape measure around the heel of your foot. You will be required to close off the tape measure at your foot’s top, at a point below which the base of your ankle is located.

    Determine the circumference of your ankle’s size. For this, measuring the ankle at its widest point would be required on your part.

    Apart from the measurements detailed above, you will need to submit additional information such as your age, weight, height and the brand of ice skates you wear.

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    Fitting Store-Bought Ice skates

    Before choosing an ice skate brand and model, try as many brands and models as you possibly can in order to choose the best fit.

    Make sure you try the ice skates while your feet are covered in a pair of socks. This will help ensure that you are investing in the correct sized ice skates.

    Gauge the fit of the ice skates by pushing your heels towards the back of the shoe and checking the comfort level.

    Your toes should not come into contact with the tip of the ice skates. However, they should be relatively close.

    While you are wearing the skates, your heels should only move sideways and towards the front; they should not move up and down.

    Spend about one quarter of an hour checking the ice skates before purchasing them.

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