How to Dispose of Printer Toner Cartridges

Over the years, there has been a constant increase in environmental issues around the globe. Although it might seem very minor, the inappropriate disposal of used printer toner cartridges releases hazardous chemical waste which in turn adds to the prevailing environmental issues. Keeping this factor is mind, it is important to dispose of printer toner cartridges in an environment-friendly manner.

Things Required:

– Printer cartridges that need to be disposed


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    The most important thing is to understand the disposal process that is followed by companies that recycle toner cartridges. The recycled cartridges are then used for making other items including new cartridges. After a toner cartridge is dismantled, it is a common practice to perform a quality check on it to determine if it can be reused.

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    Numerous printer toner cartridge manufacturers and sellers accept used printer toner cartridges in return for a fair price. Contact a few manufacturers and sellers in your area and check if such a programme is in place. This is perhaps the best option for disposing of used printer toner cartridges.

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    If recycling is not an option, be sure to use the appropriate trash container for disposing of the toner cartridges. It would not be wise to dispose of toner cartridges in normal trash boxes. People living in an urban house should dispose of toner cartridges in a 'green' recycle trash box. People who work at an office or study in a college will need to locate the proper facility for disposing of used toner cartridges.

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    As is the case with almost all aspects of daily life, you will be able to find plenty of information about disposing of printer toner cartridges online. Go to a reliable search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Type a relevant search term such as ‘Dispose printer toner cartridges’ and the search engine will return multiple results which you can browse for information.

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    To get more details on possible ways of disposing of used toner cartridges, go to the official United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website. Apart from getting details on possible disposal methods, you will be able to find contact details for various disposal sites in your area.

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