How to Lubricate Shredder Blades

A paper shredder is one of the most important electrical appliances if you need to destroy documents that carry vital information on regular basis. In almost all electrical shredders, the cutting blades are fixed on a rotating cylinder which shreds paper when it passes over the cylinder. Apart from shredding paper, shredders are used to destroy credit cards, compact discs and staples as well.

The blades of your shredder may need lubrication from time to time. All you will need to successfully lubricate the blades of your shredder is a plastic squeeze bottle and shredder lubricating oil.


  • 1

    Remove the power cable of the paper shredder from the power outlet to make sure you are working in a safe environment.

  • 2

    You need to spread shredder lubricating oil over the entire length of the cutting blades. This can be accomplished using a plastic squeeze bottle fitted with a nozzle long enough to reach the shredder blades through the paper input opening. Depending on the size of your shredder, apply just the right amount of lubricating oil.

  • 3

    Plug back the shredder’s power cable in the power outlet and turn on the paper shredder for approximately two seconds. The shredder blades will rotate during this time helping the lubricating oil to distribute evenly across the length of the shredder blades.

  • 4

    Now you need to rotate the blades in the opposite direction. Simply switch the direction of the shredder blades as you would have done in case of a paper jam. Leave the blades rotating in the reverse direction for about three seconds and turn off the shredder.

  • 5

    Repeat the steps 3 and 4 about three more times to make all the lubricating oil that you applied to the blades in the first step is distributed uniformly over the cutting blade.

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