How to Build a Hot Dog Cart

With the way the world’s economy is going, just about everyone is looking to make an extra dollar or two. Now most people tend to do this by working for other people, however a better way to go about this is to try and start your own side business.

A hot dog stand is a great way to make an extra few dollars, with a very minimal input. However,a should your hot dog stand really kick in, you could go on and start franchising out your stands and then make a whole lot of money that way.

Basically, running a hot dog stand is a great way to make money, but the only hurdle that actually stands in your way is to actually go on and build the first stand yourself.


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    The first thing that you need to do is to figure out if you are going to build your stand for parties that you throw at your home, or if you are looking to sell your hotdogs in a commercial setting.

    If you are thinking of going commercial with your cart then you are going to have to buy materials and items that comply with the licensing rules of the local government. You will also have to build your cart to the set standards that they have issued.

    This will include the quality of the food and the heating systems that you can use.

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    Buy parts

    Once you have gone on to decide just what it is that you want to do with your cart, you need to go and buy the parts that will make up the cart.

    You need to either buy a ready-made cart base, or buy parts that will allow you make a very basic box shape, with wheels and a place to cook the hot dogs in.

    You need to get the heating system and the wheels to go on the car as well. Remember to get the propane tank and a generator for your cart as well.

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    Once you have everything, you need to download the basic diagrams of the cart types that you are allowed to have. Once you have these figures, go ahead and replicate them with the items that you have bought.

    Remember to test out everything and put everything under a stress test, in order for it to be safe and secure before you can step out on the street.

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    You may also personalize the cart via logos and paint jobs which may suit you and your style of selling hot dogs.

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