How to Install a Rolling Ladder

In material handling system rolling ladders play an important role. It is being used for transferring things from one place to another. Sometime people need to climb on racks, shelves in order to pick goods. Rolling ladders is best to use and easy to carry anywhere with no difficulty. You can install rolling ladder in your home, office, factory or library etc. Make your life easy to carry things by using this useful ladder. Here we are going to learn steps to install a rolling ladder, let’s take a look on things required for its installation.

Things required:

– Rolling ladder with hardware
– Steel track
– Wood screws
– Electric drill
– Measuring tape

Note: This write is about installing a rolling ladder on a pathway. You need to follow rolling ladder manufacturer’s instructions specifically.


  • 1

    Brackets and track adding

    According to the nature of brackets and pathway of the ladder, tag on the information to drill holes for screws for the steel brackets that could easily fit on the track.

  • 2

    Connect the peak fittings with ladder

    Trace measuring instructions for fixtures positioning, keep the fixture in the center of the stairs at top of the ladder in order to join the top fixtures.

  • 3

    Attach the base fittings with ladder

    Again take a look on instructions in order to measure and perfect fixing the base fixtures with ladder.

  • 4

    Mount the ladder

    Now you have to raise the ladder for tracking purpose and clasp the top bracket on track. Now check once again and look for adjustment. Balance the bottom properly so that it could easily roll.

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