How to Replace Sprinkler Heads

In case your sprinkler heads are damaged by snow plows, dirt, lawnmowers, freezing temperatures or even debris, there is no need to get worried. By following some simple steps and using the proper equipment, you can easily replace the sprinkler heads. Remember that broken sprinkler heads can lead to higher water bills, wastage of water and destroying the grass in your lawn.

Things Required:

– Serrated knife
– Dirt shovel
– Hand trowel or small shovel
– A new sprinkler
– Teflon tape


  • 1

    Cut the lawn surrounding sprinkler head

    You need to cut through the lawn surrounding the sprinkler head to make some room. Cut it with the help of a serrated knife or dirt shovel around six inches from the sprinkler head. Remember not to dig too deep or you might end up cutting the water line.

  • 2

    Pry up the area and dig away the dirt

    Next you need to dig out the area with help of a hand trowel or a small shovel. Place the turf on the side in order to refill the area after replacing the sprinkler head. Remember that the shovel you are using should be around two to three inches thick. After prying up the area, you need to dig away the dirt and place it on the side in order to save it for later.

  • 3

    Remove the old sprinkler

    After digging away the dirt from the sprinkler head, you need to unbolt the old sprinkler body and remove it.

  • 4

    Get a new sprinkler

    Next, you need to take the old sprinkler to your local home improvement or garden supply store and buy a new one. Remember to buy the same model, size and brand that you were previously using.

  • 5

    Apply Teflon tape and screw in the sprinkler

    After getting the new sprinkler, you need to apply Teflon tape to the threaded end of the riser. This will prevent any water from leaking out. Next, join the new sprinkler head by screwing it in. Make sure the new sprinkler head is snug and do not over screw it as this can damage the riser.

  • 6

    Replace the dirt and turf

    Next, replace the dirt and turf that you previously removed. Turn on the sprinkler in order to check that it is working properly.

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