How to Hang Pegboard on Concrete

Pegboards help keep your tools and equipments at one place and are quite handy to use. They are a perfect addition to the fixture of workshops and garages. If you have a concrete wall in your garage or workshop, you will have to hang it properly by using some specialised tools. You can insert a large number of hooks on the pegboards to hang your tools.

Things Required:

– 3 boards, 1-by-2 inches, 4 feet long
– Tape measure
– Peg board, 4-by-4 feet
– Wood screws
– Level
– Drill with 1/4-inch masonry bit
– Masonry wall anchors and screws
– Screwdriver


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    First of all, you have to place the board against the concrete wall at the place where you want to hang your pegboard. Take a level and place it on the top of the board in order to make sure that it is straight. After that, take the drill machine and make holes according to the measurements.

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    After making the holes, put down the board and put the masonry wall anchors in the holes. Then, insert screws into the holes after placing the board between them. Make sure that the screws are tightened properly before making any further proceedings.

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    Take the measurements to hang the second board on the concrete wall. After that, make the holes with the help of a drill machine. There must be a distance of at least one foot between all the holes. You can either use new holes or can just use the old ones which you made while hanging the first board. If you are going to use new holes, then you will have to insert the masonry wall anchors again. However, if you are using the existing holes, there is no need of more masonry wall anchors.

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    After hanging the second board, repeat the same procedure to place the third board. Then, take the pegboard and place it on the concrete wall. Now, with the help of wood screws, attach the pegboard on the wall. In the end, tighten all the screws with a screw driver.

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    Insert hooks in the pegboard as per your need to hang different tools and equipments. You can also use the pegboard to hang your keys and any other stuff.

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