How to Store Metal Tools for Winter

We try to keep ourselves warm and protect our things from cold. However, we forget the other things, like metal tools and mainly garden tools from winter. These tools can rust or can be damaged when placed in cold weather for too long. Soil consists of moisture which causes the tools to rust. Thus the garden tools should be properly cleaned before storing them. In addition to this, tools’ efficiency will decrease if soil is attached with them. Properly cared metal tools require less force and effort when using them.


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    Wipe or rinse tools

    First of all you need to wipe off soil or rinse off the mud attached to the metal garden tools. Then apply bristle brush if necessary in order to remove stubborn fragments of mud. Dry in the end in order to prevent them from rust.

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    During winter, garage or shed floors are usually wet. You need to keep your metal tools in a dry area. It is better if you place them their heads upward or simply hang them on the wall when storing. By this you will keep them from rusting.

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    Wash the wood handles

    You need to clean the wood handles before storing. Wash it with soap and warm water. Then dry it with a towel before storing them. Remember to make sure the handle has dried before storing.

    In case there is a rough patch in the wood handle, you need to smooth it. Use a fine-grit sand paper to smooth the wooden handle.

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    Apply linseed oil

    You need to apply boiled linseed oil on the wooden handle. You can do this by taking a rag, dip it in the linseed oil and then rub it on the handle. Remember to wear rubber gloves when applying and open all windows in order to keep the room well-ventilated.

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    Apply lubricant or rust protectant

    You need to apply lubricant or rust protectant such as WD-40 on the metal tools in order to prevent rusting. You can also apply motor oil mixed with kerosene in a 2:1 ratio on the metal surface. You can either rub it on the metal surface or simply spray on it with a cleaning bottle.

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    You should place the metal tools in an organized manner so that you can easily find them after the winter season. Drill hole in the handle and hang them. You can even add labels in order to find them easily.

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