How to Choose the Right Torch Lighter

Torch lighters have become very popular among cigarettes and cigar smokers.  There are different types of torch lighters available in the market, and choosing one that serves your need as a smoker the best is an effort worth made. For example, if you are a cigarettes smoker, you need just a single flame torch lighter, while double and triple flames lighters will be the best for cigar and pipe smokers.  You can buy these lighters over the counter of a store, and online, even on auction sites. Just make sure you buy what you need.


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    Identify Your Need

    First of all you should identify your need for use of the torch lighter. Buying the right one will serve the purpose you need the lighter for. Otherwise, you might end up compromising on the element of safety.

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    Single-Flame Torch Lighter

    A single-flame torch lighter can serve the best the need of a cigarette smoker. The reason is that the flame is more concentrated and generates less heat. So a smoker can easily and safely light the cigarette. In use of double- or triple-flame lighter the fire is spread and can be risky to light a cigarette, especially in windy conditions. So if you do not need a torch lighter for any purpose other than lighting a cigarette, you must buy only a single-flame lighter.

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    Double-Flame Lighter

    If you have a habit of smoking pipe or cigars in addition to smoking cigarettes, you can buy a double-flame torch lighter. Double flame generates more fire and spread more than single flame, and you can easily light your cigar or pipe. Although a single torch lighter can do the job, it is basically not meant for cigarettes smokers. It is designed only for cigar or pipe smokers.

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    Triple-Flame Lighter

    Cigar and pipe smokers also have the choice of triple smoke lighters. The flame is generated at more fierce speed and spreads more than single- and double-flame lighters. It is most effective in lighting pipes.

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    Give Safety A Priority

    After lighting cigarette, cigar or pipe, you better keep the lighter at a safe place. It should not be in reach of children or anyone who does not how to handle it. It can cause sudden fire or compromise safety of any person within the limits. Also, properly dispose of used lighters, do not just throw them out in the garbage.

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