How to Use a Step Ladder Safely

Many people suffer injuries while using a step ladder as they are not aware of the precautionary measures that need to be taken. You can avoid serious injuries by just taking a host of safety concerns. Wearing the proper footwear, inspection, placement of the ladder and checking the weight rating are the most important ones.

The higher the ladder, the more dangerous it gets for you so make sure you take all the necessary measures before you start doing your work. Checking whether all the rungs and brackets are intact is also crucial.


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    You must have the appropriate footwear if you intend to work on a step ladder. Avoid wearing shoes that are slippery and that have laces as they can be dangerous (can get entangled). Shoes give you a decent grip on the ladder and tennis shoes are said to be the good option for this specific use.

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    Inspect the step ladder

    Thoroughly inspect the ladder before you use it. You must check the steps of the ladder, the foot of the ladder and also have a look at any wear and tear on it. This is to ensure that the step ladder is in good condition and that it will not be dangerous for you when you work.

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    Placement of the step ladder

    The placement is extremely important. Make sure there are no obstructions on the ground where the ladder has to be placed. Also, check if the floor is slippery. Another important thing to notice is whether the place is level or not. If it is not, find another place as you may not be able to maintain balance.

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    Climbing the step ladder

    You should be facing the ladder’s rungs when you climb. Also, do not carry items while you are climbing the ladder. Ask someone else to give the items to you afterwards.

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    There is always a weight rating on all the ladders. You should never exceed the weight that is mentioned on the ladder.

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