How to Clean Your Pool Balls at Home

Pool is one of the most common and popular indoor games, enjoyed and played competitively all around the world. Once you get addicted to pool or snooker, it becomes extremely difficult to stay away from it. Fortunately, pool tables are affordable and can easily fit a medium sized room or basement, allowing you to play when you want.

If you are a serious pool player, you would know the importance of the maintaining the table and the balls. Even if there is no dust in the pool room, the balls tend to get dirty because of the chalk that is used on the tip of a pool cue, and require cleaning.


  • 1

    Use a pool ball cleaner

    pool ball cleaning sprays are easily available on sports shops. Once you realise that you need to clean the balls, spray the cleaner onto them pool one by one. However, while spraying, you should make sure that the cloth on the pool table is not affected by the cleaner. It is best if you spray the balls elsewhere, and not on the table itself.

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    Clean the balls with a microfiber cleaning cloth

    Once all the balls have been sprayed nicely, the next step is to grab a microfiber cleaning cloth and rub the pool ball cleaner on the balls. Start rubbing the balls gently but do apply some force before moving on to the next ball.

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    Make the balls shine

    You should buff the pool balls with a clean and dry cloth. Apart from improving their movement on the pool table, this will help you bring extra shine on the pool balls.

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    Place the balls back in the box

    If you are not playing, carefully place the pool balls back in the box. If the balls are lying on the table, they will just gather dust.

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