How to Make an Anemometer at Home

An Anemometer is a device that helps in measuring the speed of wind. It is a commonly used instrument in all weather stations throughout the world. Making an anemometer at home isn’t hard and can serve as an excellent science project for kids. Continue reading and follow the simple steps here to create your own Anemometer.

Things Required:

– 3 oz. plastic cups: 5
– Plastic soda straws: 2
– One pencil (preferably that comes with eraser)
– Paper punch with single-hole
– Scissors
– Tape
– One push-pin
– Permanent magic marker


  • 1

    First of all, you should take four of the five plastic cups and make one hole in each one, by keeping it ½ inch (1.5 cm) below the rim.

  • 2

    Now make two holes in another cup and make sure these holes are on opposite sides and their distance below the rim should be 1.5 cm. Make two more holes and the distance of these holes should be about ¼ inch below the rim.

  • 3

    Then make another hole in the middle of the bottom of the cup in which you have already made four holes. You can make this hole with the help of a push-pin and scissors, making sure that the hole is large enough to pass a pencil through it.

  • 4

    Now you need to take one straw and slide it through the cup with only one hole. Then take another straw and pass it through two holes of the cup with five holes.

  • 5

    Now bring another cup close to this five-holed cup and insert the same straw in the one-holed cup to join them. Tape the end of the straw inside of the cup and make sure that the openings of both cups face opposite directions.

  • 6

    Take the remaining cups and make two holes in them and then insert the straw through the two empty holes of the central or fifth cup. Make sure that four single-holed cups are attached in a way that their faces are in opposite directions.

  • 7

    It’s time to use the pencil in the remaining central hole of the fifth cup. Insert the pencil in the hole and push the pin in the two straws and also in the eraser, which is on attached on the backside of the pencil.

  • 8

    Now you need to take a permanent magic marker for making a large X shape that will connect the four cups with the central sup and will complete the Anemometer.

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